Sunday, February 12, 2012

Geezer Guides the Youngsters

   Daughter Victoria and husband Matt usually join me for a ski day at Greek Peak at least once a year. Friday was our day to enjoy a family time on the ski slopes.   Viki and Matt live outside our snow belt on Long Island so their ski events occur only a few times a year.   I am amazed how quickly they come up to speed with their skiing.   Viki learned to ski at Greek Peak with the 1-2-3 program when she was about 13.   Matt, who was a hockey player adapted to skiing only a few years ago and has progressed to a capable parallel skier for any of the slopes at Greek Peak.   Viki is an accomplished carver and I expect Matt will reach that point with more practice.  
    Our outing started a little later than I am used to but we did get in eight runs before a coffee, hot chocolate and snack break.   We were soon out on the slopes again.   I was prepared to stay as long as they were full of energy to keep going.   We ended up skiing all the slopes several times and about the time I was ready to take a break their ski legs were beginning to tire.   It was an especially great time together with excellent snow conditions and moderate winter temperatures.   We even had some sun to light our way.
    My youngest daughter Victoria arrived when I was 50 years old so I find myself especially blessed that I am able to ski with her in geezerhood.   I doubt whether I will be around to ski with her children but one never knows.   Pret Goslee of Cortland is still on the ski slopes at 92 so there is at least one example of skier longevity.
    As one ages, the special days with family are precious.   It is a reminder to enjoy every family outing to the maximum.   (Today was also a grandchild's birthday party too).   And I still get respect and appreciation as the guide on the slopes.
Gerry, Viki, Matt

Thank Heavens for Snow Making

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