Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adapting to Challenges

  The past week has been  Winter Challenge Week for the Greek Peak Adaptive Snowsports Program.   The Greek Peak Adaptive Snowsports program enables amputees, blind and other challenged persons to learn to ski and ride the hill.    For this geezer who enjoys each day of skiing and the thrill of swooping down the mountain, it is a joy to see the participants in the Challenge Week event enjoying mobility and excitement in snow sports even more than I do.   Hats off  to the trainers and support staff  who dedicate their time and assistance to work with the Challenge Week participants.
   We have had a some pretty rough conditions this past week but I have seen amputees and mono ski riders doing a fantastic job coping with the ice and bumps.    Today was the final day of the program.   Apparently there will be a banquet and celebration to wrap up  the week.   As I was leaving today I noticed a number of young volunteers carrying flowers to the banquet hall.   The tables were decorated with ski boot vases of flowers.   Perhaps appropriately only one boot per table.   From left to right below Ryan, Matt, and Dillon were assisting.
Flower Boot
Ryan, Matt and Dillon
    I guess GP Adaptive program always needs volunteers.    I am beginning to think that maybe this geezer should get involved!

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