Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Geezers

Many Skiers on the Novice Trail
     Most of the geezer population skis during the week days and avoid the weekends.   I still like to spend one weekend day on the slopes to mix with the younger crowd and the occasional skiers.  Since I usually ski solo on the weekends I get to meet a broad spectrum of people from different locations and  personal  backgrounds.   There is a certain bustle on the slope on the weekends that you don't get during the week.  (Note the density of the people on the easy slope.  Also the NASTAR races attract the adventuresome skiers.)
    Some of my week day geezer friends show up on the weekend as well.   Often they have friends that are weekend skiers so it is a chance to socialize with them.   Likewise I have enjoyed those connections and a chance to hear their stories.   Often the geezers have visits of the their grandchildren.  Those are special times for both the grandchildren and the geezer.   See the photo of Cliff and Caleb.   Cliff's grandson Caleb is the adventuresome one!   He likes to pop off into the trees and explore the off trail scene.  In the photo he is proposing to go over the edge to check what is down there.
Grandpa Cliff and Grandson Caleb
    Many current day  geezers are blessed with health and vigor to enable them to have fun with skiing grand children.   Increased longevity can be quite a blessing if one is healthy.  I note that the oldest African-American  woman passed away yesterday at age 113.   Something to aim for?   Recently I received a report of minimum distribution from one of my retirement funds.   The calculating factor for my account has for me a life expectancy of 22.7 years beyond my current age.  By that calculation I ought to make 97 years of living.    Maybe I will get to ski with my great-grandchildren and celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary if that happens.

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anina said...

hopefully you should be expecting great grand children soon......praying for
Tegan and her husband....