Sunday, January 23, 2011


   Yesterday was a great day of skiing even if the temperature started off at minus 6 degrees F.   The sun was out, the snow was sparkling and there were few waits for the lifts on the weekend.   Truly a gorgeous day.   The previous day we were blessed with 10 inches of new powder snow so the  base has been built up and the grooming was exceptional.   However, since all the trails were open, there were opportunities to find some stashes of snow in the trees and along the edges of some trails.
    In my geezerhood I have learned to be more cautious through the trees and bopping along the edge of the trails,    However, yesterday had such good lighting and conditions, that I chose to venture briefly into the trails with some trees.   I had a couple of conservative runs in the trees, enjoying the deep snow and some slow turns.   After my tree runs I decided to have a go at the edge on one long intermediate trail.    There was some deep snow with only a few tracks so it was fun to sink in halfway to the knee and go wedeling along at a reasonable speed.     This great run, however, was interrupted with a surprising crash.   In the middle of this run one ski took a dive into an unseen obstacle and before I could react the ski popped off and I is in a classic full length slide forward on my left shoulder.     I was thankful for the forgiving deep snow!   This was a reminder that one can never anticipate the unexpected.   My ski and poles were only a few feet away and collecting myself I headed  down to the lift to take a few more runs.   The lift attendant remarked on the snow still clinging to my coat and helmet saying someone must have been throwing snow balls at me.
    The only after effect of my fall that I feel today is slightly sore shoulder.   I guess we geezers should learn to be a little more conservative in our skiing.   As I have often said, "Be ready for the surprises and know your limits".

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