Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thin Cover and Bare Spots

  The slope on this New Year's Day was dotted with signs reading "Thin Cover and Bare Spots".   We have had an unfortunate spate of warmer weather causing a rapid loss of snow.   In some respects the slopes are metaphorically like a mangy dog with patches of bare skin and thinly furred body areas.  Fortunately so far we have missed the rain.   Therefore the first day of skiing in 2011 was not as appealing as the previous two sunshine filled days.   However the camaraderie of those on the slopes was warm and gracious with people giving many comments of Happy New Year.  Many of us chose to forgo late night parties and to be on the thinly populated slopes early in the morning.   I chose to ski with my "rock" skis since some  bare spots were possibly unavoidable.
 Gerry Warns Take Heed of the Conditions
    While taking a picture I was interrupted by Harvey Levine  of Florida with a request to take a picture of him.  He has moved to Florida and this will probably be his only day of skiing this season.  It was 2005 when he last skied at Greek Peak.   It was a joyful occasion for him.   Attendance at a wedding   brought him north once again in the winter.   I am glad my wife tolerates my passion for skiing so I can have the routine pleasure of skiing all winter.   Regardless of the "thin cover and bare spots"  Harvey was having a ball.   Here's wishing for cold weather and more snow.
Harvey Levine -The Pleasure of Skiing Again

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