Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pain and Snowmakers

     Greek Peak was covered with snow makers today.  Almost every slope had a snow maker spewing new snow in such a way that avoiding passing through the mist was impossible.   Iced up goggles and the poor visibility made traversing the slope a challenge.   Also it was a noisy day as well since many of the snow makers have a high decibel output.   Obviously we need more snow on the slopes so I suppose I shouldn't complain.     Fortunately the conversation of the lift and at coffee break was enjoyable and I got a satisfying quota of runs.  I consciously tried to be more relaxed about the day.   The scenery other than the snow making was beautiful with frost coating most of the trees at a higher elevation.
Heavy Duty Snow Making
   Pain enters the picture in the form of on of my molars that has a failing root canal and crown.   Tylenol has kept the pain in check when I'm not skiing.  The good news is that when I am skiing I forget the pain and/or the cold air reduces it.   Isn't it amazing that skiing is a healing activity?   Meanwhile I am on schedule to have an extraction and implant.  And I expect the snow makers will finish their work tonight so tomorrow will be enjoyable silence and no hazardous snow piles.

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