Friday, January 21, 2011

Seduced By Powder Snow

   I started off to ski today with a bit of guilt.   My driveway had about six inches of new snow and I probably should have run the snow blower.   Especially since my wife was planning to go out to play tennis this morning.   I determined if I could get out of the driveway she should  be able to make it too.   The new powder that that came down over night was beckoning me to get to the slopes to get  first tracks on hill.    I was delighted to arrive at Greek Peak to find about 10 to 12 inches powder was available all over the area.
    Many of the Tough Old Geezer Skiers were there and all of us were jockeying to get the first runs on the pristine snow.   The first runs were classic.   Pat Ryan and I started down a slope together and I managed to stay ahead of him for part of the run.   On the gentle slope it was hard to get much momentum so Pat railed into my tracks, got extra momentum, and passed me into Christies Run.    He began throwing up  contrails of powder in my face!   A beautiful run with great style.   I would have liked to have taken a photo, but I was too busy enjoying my own fresh tracks.
Early Tracks on Iliad
     The early day skiing was especially fun making new tracks on each run.   Even later in the day there were untracked areas and stashes of natural snow.   Friend Roger Pellerin joined me after coffee break.  Like many of my geezer friends he finds the deep snow challenging.   Most of the time we are skiing groomers so we don't get much practice in the powder.
     I would have liked to stayed on the hill longer than I did but I resisted the powder seduction and stopped at an appropriate time.   I am thankful the powder didn't happen yesterday.   Following a tooth extraction on Thursday I was in no condition to handle any kind of skiing.  

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Pat and Bev said...

Just getting even with you Gerry. I ate your snow dust all the way down until I passed you. Epic morning for skiing.