Saturday, January 31, 2015

Perfect Turn

   Every geezer skier I meet aspires to the perfect turn.   Wherever we gather, frequently the conversation will drift to matters of technique to attain the perfect turn.   What is the best way to lay down perfect carved turns?   There are many versions of the motions needed to attain the perfect carved turn.   Different ski school gurus are out to sell their brand and set of rules for attaining the perfect carve.   The Professional Ski Instructors Association pushes their own methodology but seem to be flexible enough to accept that there are many ways to accomplish the same thing.  They focus on making sure the student is enjoying the sport.
    I am always trying to perfect my technique while still simply enjoying the sport.   Some days I can really be in the zone.  Other days it can be a different matter.    As a geezer, I recognize I will never reach the expert level of my son and a daughter  who are PSIA certified at the highest level.    However, I do know I can continue to improve.   For many years until his demise, friend Marty Stiles and I spent many hours working on technique and discussing new approaches to skiing.   Marty, who only started skiing at 65 was a wonderful role model as an enthusiastic learner.
   In conclusion, here is a Skier Haiku poem that is advice on how to make the perfect carved turn.
  Perfect Turn

Tilt to little toe.
Other ski follows along.
Perfect carve is done.

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