Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Contrasts - Super Days on the Slopes

  How amazing?  Two consecutive days on the same slope could be so different.   There were sun drenched runs for all afternoon on Tuesday.  The snow was perfect hard pack.  One could chase their shadow down the slope in a majestic dance.  Almost like being a ballet dancer.   A marvelous experience in the brisk winter air of 18 degrees F or so.
   What a change for today!   An eight inch powder snow arrived over night.  Quite unexpected but truly welcomed by the skiers this morning.  Grey skies did not dampen the spirits of those gathered for the first tracks.  Not only first tracks early, but untracked stashes were sustained over most of the day.   Some geezers found the conditions a bit daunting, but most adapted.   The occasional whoops of many were testimony to the delight of having some "real" snow to blast through.
   Ski seasons in the east are marked with many contrasts.   Conditions change markedly from day to day.   Two days of magnificent skiing in a row is unusual. If bad things happen in threes, can't good things happen in threes too?  So here's to a great day tomorrow to complete the triplet.
Tuesday,  Chasing Shadows

Wednesday, Same Slope, Powder Heaven

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