Wednesday, January 28, 2015


            I like to think of myself as a self-directed person.  That is, I provide my own incentives to act.  However, sometimes the self-incentive fails.  So it is with this blog.  Lately I have been waiting for the writing muse to kick in.   Today I got that kick in the pants to get back to the blog.
             While booting up for this morning’s ski, friend John said, “What’s going on.  I miss seeing new postings on your blog”.    To tell the truth, I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading my blog so I give myself an excuse to back off on postings.  Well at least a few folks check the posting every other day or so.   O.K. folks, here goes.
            Most of the geezer group at Greek Peak is now into mid-season mode.  Many of us are turned on to skiing regardless of the conditions.  Others wait for just the right snow, sunshine, and/or warmer weather.  Although it has been frigid for many days for the last few weeks, the snow base has been built up and we even have had a great powder snow fall.  So the incentive has been there to bring the geezer group to full force.  Even if the skiing isn’t so great on a given day, I find enough incentive in the geezer group coffee breaks to stir me up for the day.
            Another observation on incentive relates to a charity and skiing.  Most of us find good incentives to give to charity.   In the area of diseases and such, often a friend, loved one, and even we have suffered from a specific disease.  As a survivor we certainly feel encouraged to support the search for a cure.   So what is the tie to skiing?  This Saturday Greek Peak will host the Hope on the Slopes event to support the American Cancer Society.   Skiers with sponsors will complete as many runs as possible to up ante of amount contributed.  More power to them with safe skiing and  great fun as well.  So fellow geezer skiers everywhere I encourage you to support the American Cancer Society.  As a two time survivor it’s personal!
The Line Up for First Tracks

Getting to the Head of the Line

Blue Sky Morning - Time to Go



Pat and Bev said...

Good looking guy in the red coat (in the second picture).

Gerry Rehkugler said...

Yes, the red coat guy does look pretty good! I'm sure you know him well, Pat. Pretty darn good skier too!!