Monday, January 12, 2015

Feeling Young

     What does it take to feel young again?   Obviously if you are feeling physically, socially and mentally well there is the opportunity to feel younger than you really are.  On the ski slope, feeling young comes with a day when all the parts are working together and each run seems to be better than the other.  
   However, what psychs me up for feeling young in relation to a ski day comes with a satellite radio play of tunes of my youth from the 1940's and 1950's.  On my drive to the slopes, I revel in the sound of the big bands of the 40's.  A reminder of the days when we danced the in front of the big orchestras during Fall or Spring Weekends at Cornell.   And of course the mellow voice of Elvis Presley provides a magical rejuvenation relating to the rock and roll era.
    Although many decades have past since my youth,  music of my youth is a refreshment I continue to enjoy.   And the extra benefit is I either know the lyrics or they are clearly articulated by the singers!

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