Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Food Pantry Help

     A Greek Peak free ski pass for anyone bringing a non-perishable food item today to be distributed to the local food pantry.  This event has been a tradition for Christmas Eve Day for many years now.   For many season pass holders, it is a day to avoid the people crush.  However, for me I find it a heart warming experience to visit the slopes and observe the bounty of food being gathered.  And I always feel good about bringing some food and make a monetary contribution.   I regret that it was raining today.  Unfortunately there will be much less food available this year.
    All this gives me pause to think that a can of food is a pretty small contribution to obtain the equivalent of over $50 of value in  a lift ticket.  Most skiers are fortunate to have discretionary income.  Those suffering from food insecurity are not so lucky.  Maybe for the future the price of free day of skiing needs to increase beyond one can or one item of non-perishable food.  A neighboring ski area has a better idea.  Toggenburg requires food items totalling $5 in value to obtain the lift ticket.  Still a great deal.  Although Toggenburg will not be open this Christmas Eve Day, they do plan to have a similar event on New Years Eve Day.  Hooray for them as well.
    Although this has been a rather dreary, rainy day on the slopes, my heart is warmed by the generosity of the Greek Peak ownership and management.  And thanks to all the skiers that came in with multiple items for the food pantry.  Blessings to all that give and to all that receive.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to all.
The Greek Peak Food Crew - Thank You!

A Jolly Set of Contributors to the Food Pantry

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