Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Novice Mistake

    A great day on the slopes after winter storm Damon  dumped a pile of snow on Greek Peak and the surrounding area.  Although the roads were treacherous this morning, I had a safe trip  to the area by traveling at 30 MPH or so.   The new snow had a high water content.  A typical Northeast "powder" condition.  Early runs on the untracked surface were great and even later in the day conditions remained comfortable.
   During my coffee break I watched a family traversing from one lift to another.  Clearly a novice group.   Dad skating ahead carrying a pair of skis.  Mom and two youngsters trailing behind with one of the younger children frequently tumbling in the snow to be pulled to his feet by Mom.   I hope the family was having fun, but clearly it wasn't the best of days for the parents or maybe even the children.  The early days of skiing with a young family can be a challenge.  I hope they prevail and become veterans.
   As a veteran, I find I still can be prone to making a novice mistake.   I decided to take a selfie this morning as I was riding the lift.  Removing gloves to get out my camera was necessary.  Normally I am wise enough to secure my gloves before moving to photography.   Today, however, I made the mistake of putting my gloves on the seat of the quad chair.  Within a second or two a gust of wind blew my gloves to the snow below.   What a stupid novice mistake!  At least I didn't drop a pole.  I managed to keep my hands warm under my coat for the ride up but by the time I reached the bottom the hands were nearly frost bitten.  Moral of the story:  No matter how experienced you are, mistakes will happen.
Ski Patrol on the Snow


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