Monday, December 22, 2014

A Privilege of Participation

   It is a wonderful feeling to be good enough at something to participate in the activity.  Of course skiing is one of my activities that I am good enough to ski with at least my contemporaries and even many youngsters.    However, I am not so good at singing and although I did sing in the choir in high school,  I never felt confident enough to join an adult choir.   Probably a good thing because my youngest daughter winces when I attempt to sing along with her.  Thus,  until this week I have never had to chance to be a participant in a musical production.  No, I didn't sing!  However, in the production of an original Christmas Cantata written by my wife Nancy Rehkugler, composed by Paulette Fry and directed by Sue Bonne, I was privileged to have an opportunity to assist with the sound system.  I became one of the 50 or so people involved in the premier presentation at the Sunday worship of the United Presbyterian Church of Cortland.
   With training by the sound system guru Tom Corey, I  was able to cut in  and out the soloist's microphones for the two duets.   While it was certainly a very small part of the presentation, I am pleased to say the sound levels were well done and on cue.  Although, I probably did not need to know how to read music, I found my task much easier since I was able to follow the music.
   The cantata was a most worshipful and magnificent event and truly a blessing for me to be a small part of the production that was received with enthusiastic acclaim by the congregation.
    The moral of all this is perhaps, don't underestimate the value of giving someone the opportunity to participate in an activity.
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Nancy Rehkugler said...

You were an excellent Sound Board man! All went well!! I suspect it will become a more permanent role!