Sunday, February 2, 2014

Its In Da' Feet

     Over the past few weeks many of the Greek Peak geezers have been buying new boots.  Because my boots have many miles on them, the heels are worn down and the buckles are failing I too purchased new boots.   With skiing, the foundation is for how comfortable you feel on the slopes comes from a good fitting boot that matches your style and level of skiing.   For us oldsters, comfort comes very high of the list of things that makes skiing enjoyable.   In addition most of us are less flexible and want a boot that is easier to get on and off.
     Geezer skiers are also very individualistic so there was no one common answer to the new boot acquisition.  Two of my compatriots ended up with the new Apex boots.  Although not the same model for the two of them.   Another purchased the Full Tilt boot.  Both of these boots have great features for the senior foot.    They are certainly very adjustable and comfortable and can be tuned to individual taste.  So happy feet for these three fellows.
     I chose to be more conventional in my new boots purchase.   I did a lengthy review of the various boots available.  Even spent some time at a ski gear store trying on the various styles.   Because of my wide foot, I was looking for a boot with a wider last than most of the boots on the market.   Dalbello, Full Tilt and Atomic have wide last boots in the lower end versions of conventional four buckle boots.  Apex is highly adjustable with a more complex closure system.   From my research, however, I was able to find a tunable last by Head that allows changing the last from 104 to 100 mm width along with double side canting and also flex and rear support adjustment.  So I made the plunge and bravely made an on-line purchase of the Head Adaptedge 100 boot.  I also should mention that the boot has a heat formed liner.   The boots arrived UPS delivery on Friday.
    So, how are things working out with the new boots?   I was really quite accustomed to my old boots.  Just like a pair of old slippers.  Thus, I spent an hour or so tuning the new boots to my liking.   After adding my orthotics, adjusting the buckles, canting and walking around in them for a while I looked forward to a spin on the slopes.  Needless to say, some binding adjustments were in order too!   My first two runs on Saturday morning were somewhat tentative.  However, later in the morning I was comfortable enough to give a go on the supposed double black diamond Hercules trail.  It wasn't pretty but the boots responded appropriately and with comfort.  Looking forward to many days on the slope in the new boots.   And, since the heel and toe pieces are replaceable, maybe these boots will go many more miles than my last ones.  Yes it is in da' feet!
Boots Ready to Rip
Groomer Ready to Winch Groom on Hercules

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