Friday, January 17, 2014


  For me writing a geezer skier blog requires a spark of inspiration.   Recently my muse has not seemed to deliver many sparks so my posts have been more infrequent than usual.   Even my daughter Victoria has noticed the lack of posts and even thought something might be wrong.  Well , nothing is wrong other than the wild swings in weather causing weird ski conditions from one day to another.
  Today I am inspired to make a few comments partly sparked my daughters prodding and partly because of the ski sights for the past two days.  
   As a Cornell grad I am always delighted to see the Cornell Ski Team practicing at Greek Peak.  Over the last few weeks they have been free skiing and running gates in anticipation of  races later in January and in early February.  Many of them are looking good and I wish them well in their endeavors.   The geezers do complain when they set up gates for training on some of our favorite slopes.  Ah well they deserve some slack guys and they will all soon be in classes and we will have the hill to ourselves again.
Cornell Ski Team Duo
    Today was a premier day on the slopes.  Groomed frozen granular snow with sufficient sunshine to lift the spirits.  The new quad Vision Express was in operation giving us a more luxurious ride.   Our fearsome foursome was skiing fast and furious.   Snow making provided some trepidation but we all negotiated those areas cautiously and without mishap.   Obviously an opportunity for a photo op on such a sunny day.   We all participated with high spirits so obviously we were all having an inspired day.

Fearsome Foursome -Gerry, Larry, Andy, and Roger

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