Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Geezer Birthday

     Today is tough old geezer skier Pat Ryan's birthday.   First of all a Happy Birthday to Pat and a wish for many more to be celebrated on the slopes.   At our coffee break this morning we all had a chance to drink a coffee/cocoa toast to Pat.   The obvious question asked was, "How old are you Pat"?   Answer:  74.   From that reply we went on to query all the assembled about their ages.   To our surprise and Pat's delight it turned out he was the youngster of our gathering.   The nearest in age was Andy at 75.   Allen topped out our age bracket at 86.  So there you are.  Pat is just a baby geezer.
     As an aside I would bet a group of senior ladies hanging out over coffee would be very reluctant to reveal their ages.  I guess geezer guys simply don't give a damn.   Perhaps we can look at the marks of aging as just badges of courage.   At least I would like to think so.
     A toast to all the geezers for many more birthday celebrations!
Toast to the Birthday Boy With the Card

Great Card and Gift Courtesy of Bob Sanjoule

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