Thursday, February 6, 2014

Geezer Outing at Toggenburg - Post Card Picture Day

    A grand sunny day at Toggenburg skiing on beautifully groomed slopes.  First tracks made by all of us for several hours.  Twisty narrow trails on one side of the area provided thrilling swoops through the terrain.  Skied the terrain park too.  However we skirted the jumps that served as slalom gates.   Perfect visibility for the old eyes and even the low temperature was ameliorated by the brilliant sun.
    We were welcomed by the area management as if we were long lost souls.  They are always happy to see use and in some ways we get treated like celebrities.  Quite amazing because everyone of us is over seventy and skiing free.   The Foggy Goggle restaurant filled us at noon with beautifully prepared and served cuisine.  Makes generous tipping a joy when you get such good service and a warm welcome.
     Grand change of pace.  We'll need to do it again soon.
The Line-Up.  The Magnificent Seven!

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