Sunday, May 23, 2010


My usual Sunday routine includes completing the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. One of the clues for today was "old fogy". My initial response to the clue was geezer. However, the solution to the puzzle required a different answer. It was "fossil". From this I concluded that I clearly missed the nuance between "fossil" and "geezer". I think that a geezer is definitely a cut above a fossil and an old fogy. For me the title of geezer has a certain patina that is admired as it is in antique furniture. Thus I will stick with the dignity of being a geezer.

How a thought or a description is worded or expressed has a way of leaving impressions that may be unintended by the speaker. So all of this reminds me to be careful with my comments in my interactions with friends, family and colleagues. I have always tried to maintain a quality of interaction with individuals that honors those I encounter. Paying attention to nuances of words will have to be included in my thinking.

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