Monday, November 4, 2019

Yo Yo Time

  I hate time changes!  Going back and forth between standard time and daylight savings time is ridiculous.   It disrupts my routine and my biological rhythms.  Choose one or the other and be done with it!  Medical data demonstrates that time changes can be harmful to our health so I hope someday we will wise up and be steady as she goes.
      With the most recent time change I am reminded of my childhood experience with an aunt, uncle and cousin that refused to change their clocks to daylight savings time.   Aunt Louis, Uncle Frank and Cousin Roger Dennis operated a muck farm and insisted that they would rise with the sun and close their day with sunset with regard only to standard time that they referred to as God's time.  They are now all deceased but their attitude must have carried over to some of my thinking.   Within their cocoon of existence, whatever external standards were set had little influence on their lives.   I do remember, however, that in the days when phones were a rarity, we would visit them by dropping in.  Because we would not want to impose on them the obligation of feeding us, we had to be careful to adjust our visiting time in view of their standard.
     As a skier the  time change in November does provide a marker in anticipation of the beginning of ski season where I live.   Approximately a month from now I can visualize myself on the slopes.   The long wait from last April is about over.   However on the flip side of the yo-yo effect, come March when time changes again, one knows the current season is over.   So goes the rhythms of the years.  Fortunately with a positive attitude we can look forward to both the off ski season as well as the on ski season.  In this past off season my wife and I had a delightful summer of exploring 14 different New York State Parks out of a total of over 130 locations.   I'm hoping we have enough years left to visit the rest of them.   There are amazing gems of parks almost in our back yard!
     Time marches on regardless of how we measure it!


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Well said, as always Gerry.

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