Monday, November 18, 2019

Coping With Updates

   I enjoy my morning exercise on my recumbent stationary bike by reading the latest news both in the local paper and the New York Times.  That is to say I enjoy it more when they apps on my iPad perform without a glitch.  For whatever reason, this morning my New York Times app was particularly quirky.  Recently I had to download a new version of the app because the previous one was no longer supported!  With the old app I had developed a particular rhythm of articles and sections to read.  With the new app all that is upset.
    In the larger context, I am annoyed by the constant updates that are thrown at me both for my phone and my iPad.   I say leave well enough alone for a good length of time.   I want the basics and I want them to work well.   I don't need the sophisticated alterations that seem to be thrown at us ad infinitum.
    When it comes to skiing, we surely have had large updates in technology and instruction.  I guess for the most part that has been good for skiers and the industry.   I just read that New York State ski areas have an electronic card you can load on your computer or phone for skiing at any of the three ski areas and then just show up at the lift and load without going to guest services.  Certainly it is a convenience.   I haven't followed the instructional scene too closely, but I expect new quirks have been added to the instructional methods too.  As long as the changes either in technology or process run smoothly,  I can  live with it.  However,  I reserve the right to complain when the updates disrupt the flow of my day.

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Pat and Bev said...

You should have got an Android device. Automatic updates (smile)