Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Beauty of Snow

     I know many of my friends and acquaintances groan when the hear about or encounter snow.   What a tragedy!   I can't think of many times I have dreaded a snow storm or any other kind of snowfall event.  However, I'll admit that there have been a few times when I have needed to travel, that the bad roads were not welcomed. 
      I have always enjoyed that snow can appear in all kinds of configurations.  This morning while I was pedaling my recumbent stationary bike for exercise,  the view from my sun room was enhanced by the gentle and silent snowfall of giant flakes.   I was completely struck by how beautiful and peaceful this early snowfall appeared.  It made my day!  Other snowfalls can be as beautiful and sometimes breathtaking.   A blizzard with high winds and blowing snow makes my heart beat faster in awe of the power of nature.   Snow is also an art form from nature.  Following a storm one can revel in the beauty of sculptured drifts and swirls around trees and other objects.   I delight in the diamond like sparkling of the new fallen snow when making first tracks on a crisp and sunny winter morning on the slopes. 
      Many of my contemporaries now take off for the tropical climes in winter.  Good riddance folks!  I will continue to enjoy the infinite configurations of snow both at home and on the slopes.  And I am still happy to run the snow blower and shovel a little bit to be kind to my wife who is still learning to layer her clothes for winter.  Thank God she tolerates my snow mania.

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Nancy Rehkugler said...

She even really appreciates your blowing the snow!
Yesterday I bought a thick knock-about-jacket with a hood intended for no other purpose but to keep me really warm in the snow. We'll see.