Saturday, October 15, 2016

What If All Politticians Were Skiers?

     For a month or so I have been in a blogging drought.   Inspirational thoughts have been in abeyance.   Fortunately a prod from on of my followers was the spark I needed to get going again.
    The question I pose in the title comes from my disgust with the senseless mean-spirited political discourse the floods the news.    I recognize that we all have some tightly held political beliefs and prejudices.  However, unless we open ourselves to respectful discussions of the issues, we will fail to understand the opposing view.  
     Skiing is a venue for exposure to a variety of people and views.  I am always amazed how the ten minute ride next to a stranger can result in meaningful conversations.   On occasion. opinions of the state of world are revealed by my companions that are far different than my own views.  And as a result I have a new perspective, regardless of whether I embrace it or reject it.
     Wouldn't it be interesting to require all politicians in a race to ride the lift together for a day.   Perhaps that would expose each of them to a perspective on the others experience and views.   Wouldn't it be useful for them to have discourse out of the limelight and the public where they would not have to play to an audience.
     I understand at one time in our elected members of our two parties often socialized with respectful conversations and mutual objective to do what was good for the country and their constituency.  I pray for a focus on what is good for the people rather than some rigid ideological position.    I recommend that the entire congress have a retreat at a ski resort.   Roommates cannot be of the same party.   The fresh air should clear their heads.
     Thank God that November 8th is only a few weeks away.   And hopefully the Northeast ski season will begin in early December.

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