Thursday, September 15, 2016

Changing Seasons

  Just noticing the change of colors of some of the maple trees.   And the nights are becoming a bit cooler.   This morning we had a dense fog - another reminder of autumn.  
   Most skiers are probably thinking more frequently of the start of ski season.   Typically it will likely be mid December before we have any sort of decent conditions.   This geezer skier is hoping to be able to ski another season.   Back muscle spasms sidelined me last February.  Medical treatment and physical therapy have rid me of the spasms.  However,  I have residual effects that may preempt my navigation of the slopes.   I will attempt to continue when the season comes, even if it means only brief sojourns on the beginners slope.  Meanwhile I will be pursuing all venues to get into the proper shape.
    Good news of this day is that this old geezer was still able to play about 35 minutes of singles tennis and still function well.  As there are seasons of the year, there are also seasons of life.   I always scoffed at the golfers, saying when I couldn't do anything else I would take up golf.  Who knows that may be the time for me.  If not that, maybe I should move to another location with year round fishing.
    Best  wishes to all the geezer skiers out there in the world.  May your ski days be forever and  a day.

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