Monday, October 17, 2016

An Alternative Leaf Peeping Trip

     As the seasons change and we now move toward winter a geezer skier might take a leaf peeping trip.   Many of my associates have done that and posted some wonderful scenery.   I recently drove to Long Island at the start of the peeping season and enjoyed the multitude of scenes down Route 17 New York.
     Today I decided that I didn't have to go beyond my local area to appreciate the colors.    Although this was a cloudy, overcast day the colors had a subtle brilliance to them.  My approximate 20 mile over some local roads was an eye opener to the beauty of upstate New York.   When I came home I took a moment to look around my neighborhood from the vantage point of my house.  Literally from my yard I had a leaf peeping time.   Isn't it amazing how familiarity can dull your senses.   It is good to be observant in your routine environment.
     Here a couple of photos from my yard.

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