Monday, January 6, 2014

Wild Swings

    I can't remember a ski season like the current one.   This one is marked by wild swings in the temperature and precipitation.  Snow to rain to snow has occurred several times in the period of a few days.   And the temperatures have changed over the course of a few days from balmy 40's to 50's to below zero F.   These wild swings have produced the same wild swings in ski conditions from decent powder to ice or slush.  
   After skiing on Saturday in good conditions we had a rain storm with temperatures in the 40's over the night of Sunday into Monday.  This was followed by a rapid drop in temperature on Monday morning.  As an eternal optimist about skiing I headed to the slopes on Monday morning with the hopes that the area would be skiable.   Not so!  I rarely drop out due to bad conditions.  I like to think I can adapt to whatever Eastern skiing throws at me.  However, this geezer skier had to give up after only a few runs this morning.  The surface was not particularly bumpy, but more like a small cobblestone surface.  As a result I could find no sweet spot of stance or edging that was comfortable.   With no groomed slopes and the given conditions, I decided to preserve the old body for another day.   At least I had a good coffee break with Pat and Bob!
   Some good did come of the day anyway.   Arriving home early in the day, I was able to take down the Christmas lights.   This is Twelfth Night so an appropriate time to take them down.  So what else would frustrated geezer skiers do on this kind of day?   Scope out new gear of course!  
Larry Monheim and I visited the Ski Company in Syracuse to check out the Apex ski boot.   No purchases at the moment but a good recon for the boot buying decision.  I guess I'll stick with my current boots.   Better for me to play with the gear I am comfortable with.
   In closing, I return to my favorite poetry form, Haiku.

   Wild Swings Skiing

Balmy or frigid,
Ski loosely or ski rigidly.
Warm toes or frozen nose.
Put Those Seats Down

Proof That I Was There

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