Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rainy Day Beauty

   A day or so ago I saw a Facebook post of a series of Cornell Campus photos.   Every photo was taken either during a sunny or rain free day.    On my morning commute to the Cornell campus, the rain was coming down in torrents and the wind was blowing water spray and leaves and swaying the trees.  I drifted into a muse about the possible beauty of a rainy day over a sunny dry day.   
  It was satisfying to identify all kinds of pleasing sights.   The patterns of rain on each of the windows of the car were different.  The side windows were dotted with raindrops of different configurations.  The windshield drops were huge splotches interrupted by the sweep of the wipers.   The rear window had rivulets of water streaking from top to bottom.    I could even appreciate the whooshing clouds of spray erupting from the wheels of the passing semis.   (Even if it did cloud my vision ahead).   The sparkle of headlights in the rain provide a unique illumination of my surroundings.
   Even though there were gray skies and lowered light, the late autumn trees with golden and tan leaves added some color to the otherwise subdued background.   Needless to say, I was thoroughly entertained on my commute.   The brown fields of mature corn seemed to stand tall against the falling rain although the drooping ears were like hands shoved in pockets.   
   Upon arriving on campus, I took few moments to photograph my surroundings; first from my car and later on foot.   I tried to capture the essence of the beauty one can see in a rainy day.   Patterns, dripping trees, leaf filled pools.  Each day can bring an uplifting experience if one has the right perspective.
    I do love sunny days but also know I can enjoy the rainy ones too.   Of course I do get a bit grumpy when I have rain on my ski slope in mid winter!

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