Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Construction Sights

  Last Saturday I made a visit to Greek Peak to see the progress with the renovations and the installation of a new ski lift.  To say the least the base area had the chaotic look typical of a project in mid completion.   Equipment of various kinds were on the site.  Piles of dirt were scattered about along with massive piles of stones.   The walls of one building for the snow making operation produced a skyline obscuring the view up the slope.   All of this activity was framed by the colorful leaves of the trees on the slopes.
   All of us who have been long time skiers at Greek Peak are in awe of the effort being made to upgrade the area.  A new lift will be welcome relief and I also hear that our lockers have been painted.  In addition I also hear that there will be renovated bathrooms.  Wow!   We geezers are indeed thrilled with the arrival of new owners and their commitment to making Greek Peak a superior facility in Central New York.  Kudos!
   Here's good wishes for a great 2013-14 season!   And best wishes for smooth completion of all the projects.
Love That Equipment

New Dam for Snowmaking Water in Foreground

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