Saturday, November 2, 2013

Swap Day - Open House - Greek Peak

   Greek Peak welcomed skiers and friends to an open house today during the annual Greek Peak Ski Club swap sale.  I spent the morning and into the afternoon chatting with old friends and Greek Peak personnel.  In addition it was a time to get my Season Pass, scope out the area improvements and see if there was any additional ski gear I should add to my collection.
   First of all it was a special pleasure to visit with Nita and Pret Goslee who are my heroes of senior skiing.   They are looking great and I look forward to seeing them on the slopes.   Pret says the we'll know if it is a great winter only after the season is over.   No predictions from the veteran.  The Goslee's as well as my other geezer friends all had a piece of gear in their hands as they left.  I regret that I was not able to score a hit for a suitable helmet to replace the old one.  I guess it will mean another squirt of Febreeze for this season.
My Happy Heroes - Pret and Nita
   Greek Peak personnel all seemed enthusiastic about the new management and the prospects of increased skier days.   The season pass printer was a bit balky but with patience by both the operator and me, a new pass was created.  I hope that the lift attendants will accept the ghostly image on my pass.
    The new groomer was prominently displayed alongside the smaller and older groomer.  Quite a contrast.  From an engineer's point of view it is a magnificent piece of machinery.   The new snow makers were lined up like a row of gigantic praying mantises!   Another red fan type snow maker flanked this array.   My visit to the new repair shop netted a personal tour and explanation of the operation of the new tuning equipment.   The latest high tech automated equipment along with the skilled personnel should produce great results.   I am looking forward to using their services this year.
Mark - Handiwork of the New Machines

Super Groomer!

New Snow Makers Awaiting Cold Weather

    As I was exiting the area I had a chance to observe progress on the new quad chair,  pump house and dam.   Towers are in place and a reel of tow cable is awaiting stringing.   Lots to do before the season commences.   Let's hope that the remaining work is done without significant glitches.
Towers Marching up the Hill - Cable is Ready
   It is thrilling to see the amount of effort going on to make the ski hill a welcoming, effective and rewarding experience.  One can only hope that the hill management during the season is as high in quality as the physical improvements that are being completed.

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Unknown said...

Great post! That open house was a couple of months ago, but you brought back the day, vividly. I, too, liked their display of new (and old) equipment. And they had so much STUFF in the swap!

So far it is a so-so season. Hoping for better.