Monday, April 8, 2013

Farewell -2012-13 Season

  Saturday couldn't have been a better day to say farewell to the 2012-13 ski season.   The temperature stayed in the 20's and 30's and the sky was blue and clear.  There was ample snow on almost every slope at Greek Peak.  At least all that were open.   Early morning the surface was firm granular that morphed into great corn snow by the afternoon.  Ladies from the Tri-Cities Ski Club  in their Hawaiian hula skirts and colorful leis graced the slopes in a celebratory manner.
  Only a few geezers were present for the closing day.  Most had made their farewells in the past week and were off to their summer pursuits.   In anticipation of rain the area was not open on Sunday and with the likely rain for this week there is little expectation for a weekend opening.  I heard that there were 108 days of skiing this year.  Any time we get over 100 days is a bonus.
   As I wrapped up my day on Saturday I took a few pictures of the remaining snow on a few slopes and expressed my silent thanks to God, Mother Nature, and my hugely supportive wife, Nancy for the good fortune to be able to ski to my heart's content.  I am indeed grateful in many ways for good health, a great spouse and enjoyable friends.
  With farewell to the slopes, I say hello to the tennis courts.   I am looking forward to another great season of tennis with wife and friends as partners and opponents.   On to the Empire State Senior Games in June!

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