Tuesday, April 30, 2013


   Life doesn't get simpler as you age if you continue to participate in the digital age.   Many seniors avoid the complications of the digital age by avoiding e-mail, Facebook and the like.  Others of us participate to the fullest extent.   The result is a plethora of ID's, passwords,  user names, and the like.   Since I have a smartphone, an IPad, and three computers that I use at various times I have a multitude of access codes and passwords that I need to remember.   And beyond the digital issue I have to remember the combination to my ski locker!  If ever I pass into the senile state, I surely will be at a loss to remember all that stuff.
   Today I made the effort to consolidate all the information I need to operate all my machines and various sites that I visit.  Remarkably there are about 25 different accesses that I need to keep track of.   I will not be able to remember the various items  that I occasionally use so I will have to have some mechanism for recovering that information.     A Google search shows that there are a couple of ways available to solve this problem.  One is to use a software oriented password manager.  Another is to use a device called myIDkey.   The device will store your password information and make it accessible only through your own fingerprint.  Pretty nifty idea though it markets for about $140.   I guess a complicated digital age life can be somewhat simplified by reducing the information to one simple tool.  So my quest continues.
   As an afterthought; is there a way for me to remember peoples names?  Maybe I need  a gadget that discreetly reads the facial features of people I should remember and display their names on a small screen attached to my glasses!   Perhaps that is the next great invention for those of us that have little facility for remembering names. Life is complicated even beyond the digital age issues.

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