Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cautious Return

    After five weeks of healing I decided to try a return to the slopes.   I'll have to admit to some butterflies for the first run and even the next one or two.   The conditions weren't that good.   Although there had been some grooming the surface was pretty firm along with ice spots.   One would prefer sunshine and soft groomed surfaces for the return but that was not to be.   All in all it was just good to be back on the hill and to engage in repartee with the geezer group.   After several morning runs coffee time was a rather raucous bit of conversation over a range of subjects.
    The objective for the future days on the slope this season will to be suitably cautious but relax enough to ski with grace.   Perhaps that is the best way to live every day wherever we are.   Live with respectful caution but embrace the risks of living with grace.  Onward and upward all you geezer skier skiers.   Be sure to enjoy every ski day as a gift from heaven!

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