Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Should You Stay Out of the Kitchen?

    Today was a beautiful sunny day on the slopes at Greek Peak.   The geezers were out in big numbers enjoying the groomers, good lighting and the comfortable temperature with no wind.   Everyone had a smile from ear to ear.   Sunny days in Central New York are a winter rarity so we really appreciate them.
   Our most senior geezer skier Pret Goslee was on the slope today enjoying time with companions other than his wife Nita.  Regrettably Nita had a fall that has incapacitated her for several weeks.   We are all looking forward to her return as I am sure Pret is.  In conversation with Pret the other day I learned  that her doctor was aghast that she was planning to get back on the slopes as soon as possible.   As related to me by Pret, she put him in his place by saying, "If you fall on spilled water in the kitchen, do you stop going into the kitchen?"   What a wonderful comment!  What a wonderful attitude!

Gene, Leah, Pat, Pret and ?.  A Sunny Day Pause.
   We all have setbacks from time to time.  Not just on the slopes but also in life's various foibles.  I would hope that we would rise up to those challenges and to the best our abilities we would try to "return to the kitchen".   I suppose I should add a caveat to this advice with the observation that there are some things that happen that force us to move in another direction.   For all of us in the throes of geezerhood there will circumstances that will demand we change direction.   May we have the grace to accept those circumstances and adapt to a new way of life and be thankful for each day God gives us.
    Anyway, I was never very good in the kitchen, except to wash dishes!

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utahskisox said...

Hi Gerry,
Mom will use any excuse not to be in the kitchen....she'd rather ski!My first comment to her after the fall was now she has to get a new helmet. I fully expect that she'll be back on the slopes soon. Thanks for keeping an eye on the folks, kinda hard to do from Utah!
Linda Goslee Heymering