Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Tribute to The Adaptive Skiers

  After all the rain and warm weather we have had, I wanted to visit Greek Peak to see how they fared.   I was surprised to see quite a bit of snow on the slopes.    Extensive snow making over the last month has enabled them to maintain enough base to groom and keep on going.  See below for confirmation.
   The last time I visited the slope on Tuesday, I noticed that the Adaptive Ski Program was going for the week.   I certainly admire both the adaptive skiers and the volunteers that participate in this program.   What a tragedy that this week has had such ugly conditions of rain, wind and deteriorating conditions.   During my visit today there were a number of adaptive skiers on the slopes in spite of the scratchy conditions.   It looked like there were no regular skiers on the lifts.
   So on the beginner's slope there were still some intrepid adaptive skiers with their volunteer assistants, toughing out the conditions.  Hats off and applause for all of these folks.  May you all enjoy each day regardless of the obstacles you face both on the slopes and off.   And may you be granted better conditions during the remainder of your stay.
    Note - No geezers showed today as I would expect, so I had to drink coffee alone.   Ah well, no stimulating discussions!
Yes There Is Snow on the Slopes

Lunch Tables Reserved

Adaptive Gear Ready to Go!

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