Saturday, January 26, 2013

Visiting the Slopes

  In my exile from the slopes I am trying to enjoy chatting with my friends who are getting in their daily fix of skiing.   On this bright and sunny cold winter morning it seemed only natural to head to my local ski area to at least have coffee and observe the ski conditions.     The parking lot was beginning to fill up by the time I arrived, so I had a cold walk to the lodge with the snow crunching under my feet.   The parking lot attendants were all bundled up in bulky down coats and insulated boots.   Necessary apparel for 10 F temperatures.  
   By arriving at 10:15 or so,  a number of my ski friends were warming up after a an hour or two on the slopes.   It was nice to be warmly greeted and to have a chance to swap stories with those in attendance.   As usual I took my apple fritter with me.  And as usual I got ribbed about my addiction to my daily apple fritter.
  Post the coffee break, I made a foray out to the base of the lift are to take some pictures of the crowds enjoying themselves.   Below you will see the groups gathered and the beauty of the sky, slope and snow.   I must say it is somewhat self torturing to observe others on the slope.  It is somewhat like seeing a gorgeous feast and not being able to eat any of it.   I guess that must be what  hell might be like.    Hopefully I am only in purgatory for a while.  
Group Photo From the Other Side

Love the Texture of the Sky

Novices Enjoying the First Days on Skis
   Meanwhile, pursuing other interests beyond skiing keeps me upbeat.  The forced reduced activity has opened up other fun things to do.  These things have included visiting the Paleontological Research Institute, eating at a Japanese restaurant, and going to more movies.   Who knows, I may become and even more eclectic member of society.

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