Monday, December 31, 2012

Geezers Gather

  I am now convinced the the 2012-13 ski season is in full swing.  Today there was a quorum of geezers for the morning coffee break and even more were on the hill throughout the day.   In effect it was a reunion day for the geezer group.   Several tables were occupied in various configurations of friends and acquaintances along with some youngsters who may one day become geezers.
   Of course the lady companions will not be specified as geezers.   They must all be too young to qualify for that status.
  The geezers at coffee break are pictured below.   One table included Pat, Dick, Tony and Bob S. with me sitting in for a time.   Another table included Gene and Joe.   Cliff had the company of his grandson Caleb!  Someday Caleb may be a geezer and I am sure will carry with him fond memories of grandpa Cliff skiing with him as he grows up.    To round out the group Pete and Larry are pictured with their family representatives who clearly do not qualify as geezers.  Another table not pictured included Jack, Carol and Jim Brown.
    While on the slope I also encountered Pret and Nita Goslee and Mary.   Pret is our 90 plus hero that sets the standard for the rest of us.   A joy to to seem him enthusiastically enjoying skiing.   And we should also commend Nita his every loving spouse who is his greatest cheerleader.
Dick, Tony, Bob S., and Pat

Caleb and Cliff

Joe and Gene

Geri, Pete, ?, Larry and Doug
   Here is wishing a Happy New Year to all the geezers gathered today at Greek Peak and those we hope to see returning to the slopes in 2013.

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