Friday, December 28, 2012


   Holidays and new snow brings out a plethora of skiers.   With a limited number of trails open the slopes can appear to be covered with skiers.   The view can be compared to a host of ants spilling out of an anthill.   Today was  such a day for me at Greek Peak.
  I arrived later in the day and was forced to park a good ways from the lodge.   By that time there was a huge number of people on the slope.    A crowded slope is not the favorite condition for a geezer skier.  However, there were a number of the geezers present.  We managed to slalom around the skiers of various abilities and survive without any mishaps.   We all look forward to the passage of the holidays and return to the sparsely populated slopes with mid week skiing.   I suppose we should be happy to see all those paying customers that can make the ski area profitable.   Even though I do hate crowds on the slope, it is gratifying to see families and children enjoying their outings.   In addition we get treated to beautiful winter scenes such as shown below.
Ants (Skiers) on The Hill

Winter Wonderland

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