Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Verse of Song

  Every ski area has a multitude of trails.   Metaphorically one could think of these trails as different verses of a song.  Yesterday I skied at Song Mountain on only two verses of the song.  In search of skiing opportunities I am will to go wherever at least a local area is open.  Song Mountain was open with surely limited terrain.  Two trails of man made snow off the beginners chair were available.  Fortunately the crowd was small and the sun was shining and the surface conditions were excellent where there was snow.   Two hours of simple runs was enough.  However, all of us there were pleased to be on the slopes.  Only a few geezers were present.   The boarders built some jumps and managed to amuse me with their frequent crashes.   A friendly Ski Patrol provided a welcoming presence as well.   I am looking forward to singing "skiing" all the verses of Song Mountain some time this season.  My low price season pass makes this area an attractive diversion for this year.
A Slope on Either Side of the Lift - Bare Otherwise

Intriguing Snow Surface

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