Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weathering the Storm

Hurricane Tomas
     Storms have a way of disrupting the best laid plans.   Viki and Matt on their way to St. Lucia for the delayed honeymoon are stranded in Atlanta, Georgia awaiting tropical storm/hurricane Tomas to pass the island and head west into the Caribbean.   Needless to say, they are very disappointed and it is our hope that they will be able to get to St. Lucia soon and that the weather will improve.

     One never knows when a storm is going interrupt both ones plans and even your life.   Perhaps Viki could take some comfort in knowing that in the early 1980's a flood from a storm in Dryden, New York brought Nancy and I together as I volunteered to restore her inundated home.   We subsequently courted and married and remarkably we had Viki the recent bride.   Who knows what direction a storm will take you?  It may just be a passing annoyance that depresses you for the moment or it may send you in an altogether new direction.

   This particular problem for Viki has me reflecting on both the natural and personal storms of life that I have experienced.   As a lad on the farm I saw first hand what devastation a storm could wreak on crops.  One early November a hail storm ruined a good portion of our apple crop that was still on the trees.  And even damaged apples in crates in the orchard.   More than once our grain crops were flattened by wind and rain just before harvest.   In the perspective of time, we weathered those losses.

   I can think of some other storms that are welcomed if you are a skier.   A foot or so of new powder from a lingering snowstorm is a boon to the skier.  Not so good for some others though.

    Storms of life come in many other forms than simply natural disasters or annoying disruptions.  Loss of a job, illness, family conflicts and relationships can be very disruptive events for all of us.   I think that a measure of our character is how well we weather those storms.   With the help of friends, family and community I am convinced we can move on to the sunny side of life.  Yes we can!

   Meanwhile we will keep Matt and Viki in our thoughts and prayers and hope that their adventure will turn out all right and next week they will basking on the sunny white sands of St. Lucia.

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