Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Geezer Skier Tribute

The anniversary of September 11, 2001 reminded me of my deceased skier friend Robert Jenkins.   Bob was one of the finest persons I have ever known.   He was an outstanding skier who had skied many times in Europe and in the U.S. West with enthusiasm unmatched by any of his companions.   His zest for life was remarkable.   Not only was he a consummate professional, he was also an outstanding contributor to his church and community.

My recollection is that he was a disaster coordinator for the Red Cross out of Broome County.   Wherever a disaster occurred in the U.S. he could be counted on to be on site helping out.   I know that he spent many selfless weeks at Ground Zero in New York City,  assisted with the aid to victims of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and also assisted with upstate recovery from the ice storm that hit Northern New York and Vermont.   Although he was mostly a gentle soul, he had enormous backbone if he felt there was injustice.     In his community he was also known to mentor down and out men through a storefront church ministry.

We had many enjoyable days skiing the slopes at Greek Peak with occasional adventures on the steeps of the Olympian.   In his later years artificial knees somewhat restricted his adventurous nature but never hindered his graceful skiing style.

God rest his soul!

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