Monday, September 20, 2010

For the Love of Cars

Paule and Elaine Beyer 1954 DeSoto
     Sunday I attended an antique car show at a local park.   Hundreds of older vehicles were on display.  They ranged in age from 110 years old to more modern vehicles of the 1980's or so.   I was looking for a 1939 Buick sedan like the one I learned to drive as a teen ager.   I didn't see one, but I saw several of the vehicles I lusted over at one time or another.  Among these desirable vehicles were the 1956 Ford Thunderbird, a 1954 MG-TD and an Austin-Healey Sprite.  It was a pleasant surprise to run into friend Paul Beyer and his wife Elaine.  Paul's 1954 DeSoto was on display in all its glory.  See photo.
      To the best of my observation, antique cars are definitely a guy thing and probably most of the exhibitors were geezers or on their way to being geezers.  Is it in the genes?  Or is it our social conditioning?   I know many  gents of my vintage who can remember every vehicle that they ever owned.   Yes, I can do that too.   I am curious as to whether their are any women who are antique car collectors.   Probably few and far between.   I know that when I start talking about cars with Nancy, her eyes glaze over quickly.
     After my tour of the recent show, I tried to assess my attitude toward the love of the vintage vehicles.  I conclude that at the time that some of these models appeared on the scene, I was excited about their designs and the technological developments.   However, now I find that I am more tuned into the wonderful reliability and comfort of our modern cars.   If I decide to acquire another dream car, it will be a contemporary design that piques a special interest.  And I hope that spouse Nancy will enjoy driving it as much as I do.
1956 Thunderbird - I like red better

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Pat and Bev said...

My uncle, who lived next door to me, had a red "54 MG TD. A couple of years later he moved up to A Jaguar 120. Loved both of those cars. He took me for a ride once in the Jag. Fastest I've ever been in a car(119MPH).