Thursday, September 2, 2010

Geezer Retirements - Part II

Gerry The Hard Working Farm Boy
Because I have commented on the reluctance of some faculty to retire probably it is necessary for me to explain the rational for my own early retirement.    I retired to have the freedom to do what I wanted to do on my own timetable.   However, one of the major underlying factors that prodded me to early retirement stems from my childhood.   Because I grew up on a farm during WWII, I was required to work on the farm at an early age.   By the time I went to school I already had chores for care of the animals.  From the time I was 9 years old I was required to work in the fields and orchards every day all day for 6 days a week when I wasn't in school.   As a result I never felt like I had the freedom of ball games, biking, and exploring that many other kids had. Therefore, my retirement is my second childhood.   I get to play on my terms.  I get to take the piano lessons that I missed as a child.  And as an avid skier, I get to ski every day of the season on my terms.   Since I am not a complete hedonist, I still have time for community, church and university volunteering which I also enjoy.

At lunch and coffee on Wednesday I explored retirement reasons with several of my colleagues.   The universal conclusion was that everyone has a unique history and story.  Therefore it is a highly individualistic decision influence by personal, professional, social, family and financial circumstances.  However, properly managed, retirement years can be extraordinarily satisfying.

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