Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Maintenance Work

After about 5 years of avoiding a complete physical by a internist doctor, on the advice of my urologist I am engaged in an "annual" physical.   I suppose that since I am in the geezer status that an annual physical might be a good idea.   However, it doesn't seem to be like the process of my car inspection or getting an lube job.   Blood work, EKG, echo sound heart examination, probing and poking and all sorts of procedures seem to be an endless chain of requirements.   And I have no physical complaints at the moment.   Fortunately, I have not needed any medications to this point and intend to keep it that way if I can.   Anyway, I am now shot up for tetanus and the flu and who knows what's next.

I hope that I am in the last round of doctor visits for a while.   I am pleased with my new doctor since she seems to listen to me and certainly is genuinely concerned for all aspects of assuring healthy living for me.   For those that have chronic illnesses I am certainly sympathetic to their plight of frequent medical attention and the use of medications.

The best advice that I hear from some of my Cornell colleagues is to, "Keep on smiling".

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