Friday, August 20, 2010

Information Geezers - Cornell

Today was moving in day for the Cornell Class of 2014.   Students and parents from all over the nation began arriving early this morning ready to start the great adventure of a college education.   For many years the Cornell Association of Professors Emeritus and the Cornell Retirees Association have manned information booths on the campus perimeter roads.   These volunteers provide directions and assistance to the starry eyed students and the sometimes somewhat tense parents.   We help them navigate the process of registration and moving into the dorms.    Hopefully our cheerful welcome and reassuring directions smooth the way for both student and parents.

I have been volunteering for a two hour stint at one of the welcoming sites for most of the 14 years of my retirement.   It is one of my most rewarding and enjoyable volunteering opportunities.   I  also enjoy injecting a little humor into an enthusiastic welcome.   We had an ideal day of sunny skies and comfortable temperatures and through the leadership of Professors DeBoer and Pardee, the procedures worked well and we had one of the smoothest moving in days I can remember.   We are a constant quality improvement group and each year we try to implement new wrinkles to enhance the process.
I hope my male colleagues aren't offended by the geezer designation.   And the surely the ladies should be identified as "gazelles".   See part of the Pleasant Grove crew below.
Left to Right: Cindy Noble, Bill Pardee, Mary Ellen Cummings,  Herb Voelcker, Tob DeBoer

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