Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cross Cultural Living

The Arroyo Family
A memorable and special joyous day on Sunday.  Stepdaughter Michelle was married to Pedro in a delightful and meaningful ceremony under the tent at the Ben Conger Inn in Groton.   I had the pleasure of walking her down the aisle and providing the Corinthians 13 reading.   I was even able to accomplish the first dance with her without much of a stumble on my part.  A beautiful bride and handsome groom who were completely enthralled with this magnificent time in their lives.   Wife Nancy officiated with exceptional skill, grace and joy.

Our two families originate from quite different backgrounds although you might say we are all immigrants to America.   Pedro's family originated from Spain and although he and his five brothers and one sister grew up in Ithaca, NY, his parents originated from Spain and now in retirement  live in Madrid.   Our family in its various branches arrived in North America from 100 to 200 years ago.   Regardless of our origins we have mutually enjoyed learning from one another and appreciating a variety of musical, cultural and intellectual  traditions.   It is indeed stimulating to intersect with other ways of viewing and enjoying the world.  I look forward to the joy of getting to know our new son-in-law even better and perhaps I now have a reason to learn to speak Spanish since we have a family member and his siblings who are native speakers.

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