Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Senior Games

My wife and I are both participating in the Senior Games in Cortland this week in the tennis tournament. We both had matches today that tested our abilities. She will be playing for the bronze tomorrow in women's doubles and I finished my singles matches today achieving a silver medal.

Over the years I have become acquainted with a statewide group of tennis players who regularly play in the games. Although we are often opponents on the court, we are are happy to renew our friendships at our annual gathering. These seniors experience a whole range of joys and tribulations in between annual events. Friend Jim related to me the tragedy of the loss of his 38 daughter to lung cancer. I truly think there is no greater challenge in life than to have a child prematurely die. And others of this group have recovered from surgeries as well. The great thing about the event remains the pleasure of knowing that being senior does not preclude enjoying athletic competition and the camaraderie of the the playing field.

Hats off to my nemesis on the tennis court Dave S. We have competed in the finals many years. He's a true gentleman. But, some day I hope to win that final. Oh well, I guess I'll never be a Federer or Nadal!

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