Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dress Code

I am senior enough to have seen vast changes in acceptable dress for social and business environments. In my early years of teaching in the late 50's it was simple. White shirt and tie with a sport coat or even a suit was the normal attire. As things evolved the coat was dispensed with and eventually the tie was also mostly eliminated. I never did last long enough in the classroom to be comfortable in jeans and polo shirt. Although today I think I could adapt.

I now find it difficult to be dress casual in social situations. I am still most comfortable attending church and many social gatherings wearing a tie. Perhaps I will learn to eventually dress to the casual style of today. However, I know my wife will never allow me to wear drooping baggy pants with huge cargo pockets. That's for the teenagers.

Admonitions from our parents in our childhoods continue to play as tapes in our memories in spite of all the effort we take to erase them. In my youth, proper dress was considered to be a measure of good upbringing. So, I'll continue to seek the right balance.

I must be doing something right. Often I get compliments on my ties and attire. I can't claim all this success in my own right. Fortunately I have great guidance from my wife.

How about it geezers? Have you adapted to the 21st century or are you still hung up on the 50's?


Pat and Bev said...

I adapted very easily-I hate ties! Gerry, what does your wife think about your "Tough Old Geezer Skier" pin and "SKI IT Helmet"? (smile)

Gerry Rehkugler said...

My wife tolerates many things that she doesn't have to see on a daily basis. Out of sight out of mind. So my helmet is in my locker and my coat goes into the closet!! Good to know you have eliminated ties - I am working on it!