Monday, June 14, 2010

Living Celebration to Celebration

It seems like my life has been full of celebrations over the last few weeks as well as the last few months and there are many more to come. The celebration events have included birthdays, Cornell graduation, a Cornell Alumni weekend breakfast, Mother's day and a 50th Anniversary celebration for ministry of the Fayetteville United Methodist church at it's present site. And today is one of my daughter's 50th birthday. On Sunday we will also celebrate Nancy's birthday and Father's day. Also today I attended an ice cream social for the retiring dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell celebrating her accomplishments of the past 10 years.

The above are milestone events. However, I think that life can be one long string of living celebration to celebration in small doses as a way of living the good life. If one could think of living in celebration all the time it adds a zest to life that refreshes every day. In my simple way of approaching life in this model I can view having my fritter with my favorite coffee each morning as a celebration. Completing the daily crossword puzzles is a a triumph and a form of celebration. Enjoying a good meal, conversation with friends and associates and healthy exercise all can be forms of living into celebration. In the rhythms of life it is good to enjoy the little things that contribute to the sense of well being as well as the milestone events. In my memory there are snippets of lyrics of songs that have celebration as a theme. John Denver even had an album entitled Celebration of Life. Perhaps it is that artistic muse in our soul that thrives on life as celebration.

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