Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rainy Day - To Ski or Not to Ski

Over night we lost a lot of snow and right now it is raining. Local ski area is open but the idea of poor cover and a rain is not appealing. Most of us geezer skiers are tough enough to navigate the rainy day but I find that often I have been the only one of my group on the slope at Greek Peak. I guess there is a limit to toughness when the intellect cuts in.

I am reminded that most of us have reached the point where we don't have to prove anything. Ski the bumps only on the most optimum days. Avoid the steeps and gnarly runs unless there are ideal conditions.

Daughter Victoria and fiance Matt are home briefly for the holidays. We had planned to ski today, so we are disappointed with the lousy weather. Living in Long Island provides them with few skiing opportunities so it is a double disappointment.
However both Viki and Matt are tennis players and along with mother Nancy and myself we will enjoy an hour and a half of doubles at the Cornell Reis Tennis Center this afternoon.

Most of us tough old geezer skiers have alternative workouts when we are not skiing. Among my geezer friends it includes weight training, aerobics, tennis, golf, biking, hiking and the like. So even though we mostly measure the rhythms of the year by the ski season we do have alternate activities.

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