Thursday, December 24, 2009

Geezer Day at the Zoo

Toady was free day at Greek Peak Ski Resort. Bring a can of food for the local food pantry and get a pass for the day. A great give back to the community and it brings in thousands if skiers for the day. For us geezer season pass holders it seems like a zoo with all types of animals roving free. You see every kind of ski, a whole range of ski ability and huge lines as the day develops.

I get there early, drop off my food contribution and get in a few good runs before the huge crowd arrives. Snow was good and the grooming great. By ten o'clock the place was swarming and it was time for me to head home to help my wife get ready for Christmas Eve and our family get together tomorrow.

I saw a few tough old geezer skiers on the slopes, but most of use know enough to stay away on "Zoo" day. One of my geezer friends was coming in when I left - He decided to leave too! As a geezer you learn to avoid the potential of a crash on a day like today.

And Al it was good to see you on the slopes and share a couple of rides up the lift. Hope that your day ended as well as mine.
The blessings of Christmas to all that share this faith journey and to all people peace on earth.


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